Atica’s learning platform, Moodle,  is considered one of the premiere curriculums Platforms in Online education with millions of graduates. The curriculum teaches students to see, think, create and adapt as a beauty professional. Moodle is cutting edge digital platform that looks and feels like social media.

The curriculum couples art and design, as well as the most innovative techniques used in the industry today. Not just the “how”, but also the “why” of everything you’ll do. You’ll learn foundational design principles of form, texture and color.This will ensure students of Atica’s schools are valuable assets to any salon or spa.

This program has been specially developed to help students build skill, proficiency and confidence in color design. It will help prepare you for success in the salon. The foundation provided is built upon our curriculum with an approach to learning new material and performing new skills. Understanding this approach will put our students at the top tier of entry-level professionals in beauty industry upon completion of their training.

Moodle is a cutting edge digital platform that looks and feels like social media. You’ll be connected to your community and engaged in your education as you create, share, collaborate and curate information with your peers. In addition to being able to post and communicate with instructors and other students in discussion forums, you can SHARE your videos, pictures, web links and other media directly to your school’s home page and let everyone know how fabulous you are. Get ready for some friendly competition as you earn points for social activities and schoolwork in Moodle.  You can see how you stack up with the members of your community and challenge yourself to rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Moodle also provides easy access to a library of online educational content, so your ATICA School education is available to you on-demand, whenever and wherever you need it. Learning Paths guide you and your classmates through every step of your education and help you stay organized and on track. Lessons are short complete cycles built in tune with the natural sequence of learning. The experience is rich and blended with video and other media to reinforce concepts and check understanding. Lessons feature game-like learning elements to make learning fun and engaging. Learning within Moodle brings together the most exciting elements of social media, personalization and learning communities to create a truly one of a kind learning experience. Fill out and information request form or give us a call to learn more about how ATICA School’s innovative curriculum can give you an edge in your journey to beauty industry success!