Need money for school? Scholarships are provided by some companies, professional associations, and religious groups to individuals or their family members seeking an education. Searching the internet is a great way to see what might be available to you. Before starting your search, take a personal inventory and make a list of your personal attributes, academic record, talents, work experience and affiliations. Checking your high school guidance off and/or their website may be a good place to start.  Your place of employment or religious organization may also have scholarships available. ATICA School’s financial planning office can also provide you guidance on where to find scholarships you might be eligible for.

Presidential Scholarship (High School)

The Presidential Scholarship is a FULL TUITION scholarship that will be awarded based upon exceptional academic achievement, exemplary community leadership and an exhibited passion for the beauty industry. This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors that are eligible and meet the criteria.

For a printable version of the Presidential Scholarship requirements, click here

Beautiful Futures Scholarship (High School)

The Beautiful Future Scholarship Program looks to award HALF TUITION scholarships to chosen  cosmetology/esthetics candidates attending any ATICA School locations that have assembled solid interest and passion in making the world around them beautiful.  This scholarship is open only to high school seniors who will be attending ATICA School in the same calendar year that they graduate high school.

For a printable version of the scholarship requirements, click here

Rising Star Scholarship (High School)

The Rising Star Scholarship Program looks to award $1500 scholarships to chosen full‐time cosmetology/esthetics candidates attending any locations that have assembled solid interest and passion in making the world around them beautiful.

For a printable version of the matching scholarship requirements, click here

ATICA Elite Scholarship

The ATICA Elite Scholarship Program looks to award $1,000 scholarships to chosen cosmetology and esthetics candidates of the adult market that have assembled solid interest and passion in making the world around them beautiful.

For a printable version of the scholarship requirements, click here Scholarship Program

The Hair Loss Scholarship is for $1000 and will be awarded to a chosen student that is currently enrolled in either an undergraduate or graduate (2 or 4 year) program, or accredited post secondary institution.  Those who are interested in receiving this award will be required to complete the application process, must have a form of hair loss, and currently be enrolled Find out more

Rosy Rewards Scholarship Program

Rosy Rewards Scholarship Program by Rosy Salon Software is a $10,000 annual scholarship fund just for future salon professionals.  Are you a Cosmetology student? Are you passionate about the industry? Do you know somebody else who is? Follow the link below for a chance to win one of 12 scholarships offered annually! Find out more

Kerotin Women in Business Scholarship

The founders of Kerotin believe that education and the empowerment of women in business and the workplace is extremely important. To help women succeed in education and business, Kerotin is offering a $1,000 scholarship to a student of its choosing enrolled in a technical beauty program (Cosmetics, Esthetics, Cosmetology, and Hair Styling) at an accredited college or university. Find out more

Lash Professional – Lash Training Scholarship

The Lash Professional Lash Training Scholarhisp program offers a full scholarship each quarter in the amount of $995 to cover the cost of thier Eyelash Extension Training Course: Classic or Volume held at their Arizona headquarters. Find out more

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships

The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation offers scholarships and celeb mentorships throughout the year. Opportunities are available for prospective & current students, as well as licensed cosmetologists. Find out more

Sport Clips Scholarship Program

Sport Clips is awarding up to 20 Cosmetology Students who are enrolled in a Barber or Cosmetology School program, a $1,000 scholarship. Find out more

Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Cosmetology Scholarship

Future students of the beauty disciplines – including cosmetology, barbering, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, makeup artistry and several others – can apply for these $2,500 scholarships for cosmetology school. This beauty school scholarship is awarded four times per year, and may be used at most schools nationwide. The scholarship recipient is selected from the pool of individuals who submit their scholarship applications before the deadline each quarter, and meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the rulesFind out more

The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation

The Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation was established in 1994 by his wife of 39 years, Flo Francis, and the many people whom Joe Francis advised and mentored to their own success in the industry. The mission of the foundation is to help deserving students receive financial assistance for the professional training necessary to build successful, long-term careers in the cosmetology industry. Find out more

PBA Scholarship Programs

PBA (Professional Beauty Association) offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students enrolled in AACS accredited beauty schools. Find out more

Keller International $1000 Beauty School Scholarship

Keller International now offers a unique cosmetology scholarship opportunity for one student each year as a way to alleviate some of the financial burden they accrue during their educational journey. The winner of this contest will be rewarded $1000.00 towards their tuition fees! Read the fine print and make sure you follow their directions! Find out more

DermaMed Solutions Aesthetic Education Award

DermaMed Solutions is proud to support the education of Aestheticians with the Aesthetic Education Award! DermaMed’s scholarship contributes up to $1,000 to an accredited aesthetic program for your educational expenses. Find out more.