Ogle School is all about developing whatever passion you happen to have. No matter what passion you have and what you love, Ogle School wants to help you discover your Beautiful Story. For Marcus Randall, this was intended to just be a side hustle to make some extra money, but he eventually fell in love with the process. Find out more about Marcus’s Beautiful Story.

Marcus Randall’s Passion

What led you to cosmetology?

Initially, I just wanted something to do to make a little extra income. Something I could do on the side just to earn a little cash here and there. That way, while I was in school, I could still support my family, my kid, and so on and so forth. That’s how I started thinking about it. I grew up in a barber shop, so I was familiar with it. When I finally decided to do it, I had the nights that were available to me. Initially, I just jumped in and started working at a barbershop. But my barber recommended cosmetology school to me. I was like, “All right, sure.” Came and visited with Miss Jennifer and she made the place seem very lovely. It is, it’s pretty dope.

Talk about your support group.

Really just the people here, man. I mean, my family loves me. And my family, they do their best to support me. I get a lot of help with my son. Between my mom and my stepmom, I have had a lot of help with my son. And as far as here, I mean, I knew absolutely nothing when I got here. All the girls, they’ve taught me things that I never thought I would know, like what a lace front is or how to do braids. It was one of the first things I learned here. I mean, it’s in a curriculum, but just learning from all the experience here from the instructors and some of these other students here, now, I could braid your hair, bro!

Do you experience any obstacles?

Obstacles exist for everyone. There are a lot of obstacles everywhere you turn. Walk out the door, it’s cold, or it’s hot! You wake up and life isn’t how you want it to be. Kids, marital problems, parental problems, financial problems. There are plenty of obstacles and I’ve had them all, but so does everybody else.

What are you most passionate about?

So, learning here has been a journey. I told you, I originally came here to learn how to make side money, just to gain a skill that I could market. Even for people who don’t have a passion for it, it’s a really good thing to do. It’s fun. Even if you aren’t the most passionate about it, it’s actually really fun.

If you can learn the skill, which everybody can, it is a good side hustle. But that’s just what it started for me. Now, it’s become how I express myself. I took a job just not too long ago which made finishing school really difficult. But I took a job not too long ago at a salon that really promotes artistry. And I absolutely love it. I absolutely love it.

How do you stay motivated?

Well, for me, everybody is different. Do you know what I’m saying? For everybody, it’s different. I guess the generic answer would be because I think about my “why.” Everybody thinks about their “why,” or at least, they should. At least, when I look around a classroom and I see these girls who are performing incredibly, I know they’re holding true to their “why.” I always say that that’s what motivates me.

What is your “Why”?

Everybody in my family is, to some degree, an artist. My mom is a beautiful singer. My dad can really play saxophone, man. My dad is cool on a saxophone. And he plays the piano and guitar. He does quite a few things, but he’s extremely talented musically. My sister, she’s an amazing painter. My little brothers both sketch.

And I don’t do any of that! Before I got into this, I didn’t really have an art form, just an appreciation for it. This has given me an opportunity to not only have an art form but to really thrive in one. I feel like this is the art form for me. This is the one I was gifted with. I didn’t know that until I got here on a whim.

This is something that has saved my life. I’m struggling not to burst out in tears right now because I don’t do that. But at the same time, I come in here, it literally saved my life, literally. So yeah, I don’t mind telling people. A lot of people will ask. So I don’t just walk around blabbing my business to everybody, but yeah, this place saved my life. And in probably like the darkest part of my life, this place has been a light.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

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