While it’s completely possible to approach your beauty education as an absolute beginner, some people who pursue beauty education already have a longstanding experience in the dermatological field. For Lorna Carvajal, who already has medical experience, Ogle School is all about getting more in touch with the beauty side of the dermatology industry. Learn more about Lorna’s Beautiful Story.

Lorna Carvajal’s Story

What is your beauty background?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for a little over seven years as a dermatology medical assistant. I assist my doctor in all kinds of fillers, Botox, and different cosmetic procedures.

What made you choose Ogle School?

The biggest pull to Ogle initially was the reputation, and the number of years it’s been in business. I’ve gone to four other schools to interview, and each time, I didn’t feel warm or welcomed or like it was a good fit. When I came back to Ogle the second time around for a second interview and chose this school, it was because the staff is very friendly, I like the curriculum, and what they have to offer here.

What are you most passionate about?

Making people feel good about themselves. That’s what I’ve done since day one as a little kid. My mom told me that I’ve always been just a ball of sunshine. I’ll talk to a brick wall, and I like making people smile and laugh all day long. So why not do it and make them feel good in their own skin? That’s what I’m passionate about.

What hinders your motivation?

Ooh, nothing right now! I mean, that’s why I’m here. Because before, I always had excuses. And I’m tired of making excuses, so I now have nothing hindering me. I think of it this way: I am 34 years old, and you’re never too late to start. So I am finally here, no excuse.

What are your goals?

My endgame is to be a certified esthetician, a licensed esthetician, and build my career from where I’m at now. I’m at a dermatology practice, and I want to get higher up and work with cosmetics hands-on. That’s what I want to do. I’ve always wanted to do that. That means working directly one-on-one with the patient as a doctor would, but I’m doing more on the beauty side of it, making them feel good. That’s the endgame for me.

Talk about your support group.

I have a great support group. I have my mom, she’s my biggest fan. She actually came with me to my second interview here, went with me to the tour, and everything. And now she’s inspired, so she’s actually pushed me to follow up and actually got me in the door. So, she helped me along the way.

And then I have an amazing partner. He wakes me up every morning and tells me, “You got this,” “I’m proud of you,” and “Don’t miss class.” He texts me after work saying, “You better be going to class.” So, I’ve always got somebody telling me, “Don’t miss school.”

I’m at over 100% attendance because I’ve got a good support system. There are days when I don’t want to come because I’m exhausted working a 10-hour day, and then I have to come here for four and a half hours. I’m just tired, but I’m still here. Again, no excuses! I’ve got to get my license. That’s why I’m here.

What advice would you give to other aspiring cosmetologists or estheticians?

Never give up. You’re never too old. It’s never too late to start. I think you should really go for it and go 100%. Don’t make any excuses. It’s all or nothing.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

At Ogle School, we want to make space for all stories, no matter where you’re starting and where your end goal is. We’ll support you through the cosmetology program or esthetics program, depending on your needs. You can request more information today to learn how Ogle School might be able to boost your beauty knowledge.