Not everyone knows exactly what they want to do as soon as they move out of high school. For some of our students, beauty school was something they had never thought about until they had already completed other experiences. Kristen Bohon had already experienced the food industry when she made the decision to come to Ogle. Find out more about her experience.

Kristen Bohon’s Experience

How did you move toward the beauty industry?

I was actually in the food industry for 15 years, at Chick-fil-A. I started there when I was 17. I went from team member to night manager to general manager, and I was just there for 15 years. I had my two children, who are now ten and five. And probably last March is when I really was like, “I need to do something. I need to do something else. I’m not growing anymore. I’m kind of just at a standstill.”

And I wanted to do something that I was proud of. I’ve always liked makeup. I’ve always loved people. I knew whatever I had to do had to involve being around the public, because that’s where I get my energy from, that’s what just kind of creates who I am as a person. So, I talked to my husband last year, and I was just like, “I want to quit my job.”

What made you choose Ogle?

I remember ten years ago, I sat in for my first facial and I just kind of talked to the lady doing my facial. I was like, “Do you like what you do? I mean, this is like your passion. I think this is something that I could do,” but it just never kind of, I guess it never surfaced until this last year. And I was just kind of like, “I want to do something new.” So, I came up here, talked to Jesse at Ogle, and he was just super nice and super helpful, and he gave me a tour. And I’m just like, “Yup, I’m going to do this.”

What was your experience like at school?

I was so nervous about starting here and just being around so many people, not knowing the people, just because I’ve been in my own bubble for the last 15 years but honestly, I’ve grown so much and I’ve learned so much about myself that I just never thought I would be able to. I love being a mom. That’s my first priority, but I almost feel like I found myself and who I am as a person, because I had my kids at a really young age, 22. So I’m still a baby, but I’m 32 now; I just feel like there’s just this other part of me that’s just unraveled, and it’s been amazing. The teachers, the instructors have been amazing. Friendships have been made. I found one of my best friends that will probably be a lifelong friend. It’s been amazing; everybody’s been really nice and kind.

What obstacles have you faced?

I thought we wouldn’t be able to do this. I was just so nervous. I had so much anxiety over the summer. There were several times where I thought I was going to have to back out because I didn’t think I would emotionally get through it just because I was doubting myself. I was just like, “We’re not going to be able to manage everything.” You know, you’re working three jobs, you’re going to school, you’re going to start school.

It’s actually been easier than you might think. I think my kids have found kind of a different respect for me, I guess. I don’t know the word but– I don’t know, we just kind of all work as a team together. We’re all working as one more, I guess. Everybody’s picking up responsibilities. My son’s helping out more around the house. And my daughter’s gotten closer to my husband since he’s having to pick up the slack. And it’s actually been a pretty easy transition.

What motivates you?

I love how it’s a continuing education. You’re always learning something new; it’s not boring at all. It’s very interesting. And I’ve never been a school person at all. I guess when you find something you’re passionate about, you want to learn more; you thrive off of it.

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