Some cosmetologists come from traditions that include plenty of existing cosmetologists and stylists. This was the case of Gregory Battle, whose family has been hairstylists and barbers for decades. He decided to connect to this tradition with the expertise at Ogle School. Read on to learn more about how Ogle School was able to support Gregory’s search for a strong cosmetology education.

Gregory Battle’s Traditions

What made you decide on cosmetology?

Well, I come from a line of hair stylists and barbers. My biggest inspiration was my uncle. He’s been a barber now for 30 years. I’ve just always been interested in it watching my mom do hair growing up, as well as my aunt—just spending a lot of time in the barber shops, growing up with my father, the times he would take me. It’s just some of the values I’ve been interested in. I like the transformation, I love being able to help people feel better about themselves, both inside and out.

Why Ogle?

I read up a lot about Ogle and looked at different schools. I wanted something that was more family-oriented and that would best suit my schedule because I do work during the day. I figured that this would be a good fit for me, especially at this Hurst location. It’s conveniently located for me. And it’s everything that I ever wanted, all the way from the staff to the students to the clients that come here.

What was the admissions process like?

Oh, man, from the first time I made the phone call, it was just amazing. They did really good with following up with me, and I got a chance to meet with Jason. He called and checked on me. He was making sure I was still interested. He talked to me throughout the day. He just made it a smooth process for me, especially when it came to the financial aid part.

Who is in your support group?

I have the biggest support system. As I said, I had a family that is in this industry. I have my beautiful wife. She’s very supportive of me working during the day, and then coming to school at night. I’m barely at home, but during the times that I am here, she’s always encouraging me to do better. And my two boys, I have a three-year-old and a four-month-old. They’re my biggest motivation. And most importantly, if I ever felt that I didn’t have anyone else, God will always be my biggest support. Because I do believe that God is the reason why I’m here today and able to do this. To take that step to better myself and make a better life for my family.

What are your biggest obstacles?

When I started, a few months later, my wife got pregnant. So that kind of made it a little bit more difficult because I’m up all night with the newborn. We’re up because he has a hard time sleeping. There are lots of little things like that, having to get my oldest son back and forth to school, and getting up and going to work.

But it just amazes me that when I’m at work, I am a little tired and sluggish but it’s like when I come here, I just feel the boost of energy. It makes it a lot easier for me to make it through the night because even though it is that four and a half hours that we’re here, working all day, early mornings, up all night, it can get difficult and stressful. But I don’t know, it’s just a boost of energy that I get when I come here. And I look forward to it because I enjoyed this and I had fun doing this. So, I guess when I’m here, I kind of look past it, and I just persevere through it.

What motivates you?

My biggest passion is my children and my wife. They’ve always lifted me up. And I just feel that everything that I’m doing now is for them, to make a better life for them so that my children don’t have to struggle the way that I did.

What are your goals?

Just life. Just having fun and loving what you do. My mother always told me when I was growing up—when you find something that you do and you love it, you’ll never work again. So that’s what I aspire for—just to never work again, to love what I do and have fun doing it, and making it fun for me and my clients.

What is your cosmetology journey about?

It’s not about the money. It’s not about being one of the best for me. For me, it’s about making people feel good about themselves. So that’s my ultimate goal. That anyone I come across, I’d be a blessing to them in some kind of way.

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