For some people, Halloween is all about the creative costumes. But here at Ogle School, we think Halloween is a chance to strut your hairstyling skills with some bold styles that go beyond everyday looks.

For example, although you would probably never wear a tall beehive to the office, an Elvira Halloween costume is a chance to experiment with dramatic height. Similarly, an old-fashioned Game Of Thrones style might be a bit much if you’re heading out to do errands. But paired with a cape, these curls and braids make for a stunning Halloween style.

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Game of Thrones

We love the Ikea hack of using a sheepskin rug as a Jon Snow cape. But if you’d rather dress as Daenerys Targaryen this halloween, here’s how to do those medieval braids.

Start by prepping hair with dry shampoo. Separate hair into three chunks — one at the top of your head, and two lower pigtails secured with rubber bands.

Working on the top section, part hair in center. You’ll be doing two small braids on each side of your part.

To do the braid closer to your part. start with the usual three hair segments, and bring the outer segments under the middle one. After two overlaps, select some hair from close to your part and add it to the middle strand. Repeat the braid as a half-dutch by only adding hair from the top of your head near the part, and not gathering from the lower part of your hair. After the braid goes past your crown, transition to a normal braid and secure with an elastic.

After you finish the first braid, repeat the same on the other side. Adjust to make sure both braids are even.

Add the second braid to each side of your hair using a traditional dutch braid technique that adds hair from both the top and bottom. The last segment of hair that you gather should be directly behind your ear. Then continue with the regular braid.

Now for the lower part of your hair, add curls using a medium-barreled curling iron rotating strands away from your face. Finish by separating curls, and spray to set.


If you want to want to re-create your favorite snapchat filter IRL, follow this deer fawn makeup tutorial with a deer fawn hair style of super cute space buns. Note that these high buns will even work for short hair.

Part in the middle and use texturizing spray. Continue the part all the way down to your neck so that you hair is in two neat halves. On each side, gather your hair into a high, tight ponytail. Secure with an elastic.

Near the base of each ponytail, tease your hair to add volume and texture. Twist and coil each ponytail and secure with a few bobby pins. Shape and add volume to each bun by gently widening out the coil.

Pull out a few loose strands to frame your face. Spray to set. Lastly, accessorize your snapchat deer fawn look with antlers, flowers, or ears.

Mistress of the Dark

A classic witch costume never goes out of style. But rather than covering your hair with a pointy hat, here’s how to create the epic beehive of Elvira.

You’ll need hair that’s long, dark and straight. Start with a wig, if needed. Center part, and comb straight.

Take a section at the crown of your head, comb up away from your other hair. Add hairspray and heavily tease the back of the section, leaving the front smooth. To get the high beehive, add a prop to add height. (Try a loofa wrapped in dark fabric.) Fold your hair over the prop creating a high poof, and pin to secure to secure everything. Lightly comb the top of the poof to smooth, and then hairspray.

Now take an additional section in the front of your hair. Repeat the process of teasing the back of this section, spraying, folding it to the back, and smoothing it. This time, do not pin the ends, but leave them smooth to flow into the rest of your hair.

Repeat the process again with two small sections on the top right and top left, leaving ends to create a smooth look. Repeat one more time with a section of hair at the top of your head, nearly to for forehead, taking extra care to make sure the top is smooth and sleek.

To secure the beehive, use the end of the comb (or a chopstick) to lightly poke through the layers and lock them to each other.

Style the hair around your face by combining straight, styling bangs, or adding a dramatic swoop. Finish with hairspray.

‘80s Hair

There was big hair in to ‘80s, but Tina Turner took it to a whole new level. If your hair doesn’t do big and curly, start with a wig, like Tina did.

Pair this do with a sparkly dress, fishnets, and heels, and you’re ready to party. So easy!


If you’re taking your style back to 1776 this Halloween, try this old-fashioned up-do that’s inspired by Kirsten Dunst’s look in the movie Marie Antoinette.

Separate hair into top and bottom halves, and clip top half out of your way.

In the bottom portion of your hair, create a beehive. Add dry shampoo to roots and brush. Working in small sections, gently tease hair that’s close to your roots. Divide hair into three sections — right, left, and center. Take the center section, roll it upwards, and pin at your crown to secure. Similarly, roll and pin each side section near your crown.

To the top section of your hair, add dry shampoo and brush. Separating a section of hair directly above your beehive, use curling iron to create a strong curl, then pin it to your scalp. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair for about six curls in total.

Unpinning the curl toward your crown, tease the roots to add volume, smooth the front, and pin to secure leaving the tail curled. Repeat this process with the rest of your hair.

Finger comb hair around face to gently swoop back. Spray to set. An optional last step would be to accessorize with flowers.